Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

After months of being sick, spending way too much time throwing up, trying to keep the kids from killing each other, and then trying to get life back to normal I'm finally finding time to blog again!

Hopefully I can keep up over the summer and after baby boy arrives.

For those of you who live in a hole... Yes I'm pregnant again (22 weeks to be exact), it's going to be another little boy, and NO he won't be named after you. Baby is due the last week of September so it's going to be a LONG hot summer.

The kids are doing good and are happy to have mommy back to normal (well maybe not Drew who got away with a lot while I was sick and is now spending a lot of time in Time Out while he relearns the rules of the house.

A quick kid update -

Drew - Finished Pre-K, has a slight attitude problems some days but others is the biggest sweet heart, loves his brother and sister and is so excited that he is getting another brother, still way too smart for his own good and getting into more and more trouble when he is bored in the mornings (mainly finding any little pieces of candy stashed around the kitchen) Is enjoying the beginning of summer and spending lots of time outside, he got a power wheels gator for his birthday so he and Sarah spend a lot of time cruising around the yard in it.

Sarah - Still my little goofy girl, A TOTAL Daddy's girl ( I can't do anything if Daddy is around, he must do everything for her) Loves to sing as long as she doesn't think anyone is listening. Starting to count up to 5, sings her ABC's. She is getting better at playing with Ryan if Drew isn't around. She has decided her best way of keeping Ryan from taking her toys is to bite him ;( so the two to them end up having biting wars all day long.

Ryan - Walking, sort of talking, wild man! He learned from the big kids and loves to climb on things. I will find him in the playroom standing on bins to look out the windows. He screams... A LOT! Has a handful of words - Mama, daddy, Drew (Doo), doggy, kitty, more, milk, book, bottle, pool, bath, this (dis). He loves going into the playroom and taking the big guys toys, he also loves Zoey and using her as his pillow. The kid loves to eat! He eats more than Sarah at most meals which is probably why he weighs almost as much as her.

Baby4 - All boy! He was quite proud to show off during my ultrasound. A little wild man. I can't imagine how much my belly is going to move when he gets bigger. He moves all the time right now. I'm hoping to get some of the video of the ultrasound cropped into smaller segments so I can post it.

Now what you all have been waiting for - PICTURES!

These are all from this winter/spring. I will start posting new pictures soon

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  1. I still can't believe how long S's hair is! Beautiful little girl!