Saturday, July 4, 2009

Slip N Slide!

We decided to pull out the Slip N Slide one weekend for Drew. Last year Drew loved going down it, but would make us give him a push to start. This year he could do it himself, but found out that running down the slide was a bad idea! After a few bonks to the head he learned to not run down the slide!

Daddy even joined in the fun!
Sarah gave it a try but decided she would rather stay dry!
While the big kids had fun Ryan played in the shade

What happens when I try to take pictures of Ryan while the big kids are awake

One morning I tried to get pictures of Ryan laying on his playmat but the big kids decided that they wanted to be in the pictures.

First Drew jumped in front of the camera
Then he decided that Ryan needed a hug
Then Sarah decided it was her turn to lay with Ryan
At least they are totally in love with their baby brother!

Some random pictures from early June

Drew has stopped sleeping with his bunny, instead his bunnies now sleep in block beds or houses

Ryan found his thumb

Sarah was sick the first part of June. She had 5 days of 103+ fevers. The poor thing was miserable every time her fever spiked.

Ryan - 8 weeks

At least I am only a month behind now! Here are pictures of Ryan from the beginning of June
He has gotten really good at holding his head up and is always smiling.

What Sarah thinks of me taking picture of Ryan and not her!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun in the Sun

The last weekend in May we finally got out the pool for the kids. Sarah wasn't too sure about it, but Drew had a blast.

Drew loved jumping into the pool
Sarah trying to get in by herselfDrew getting ready for another running start to jump in the poolNot the best picture, but too cute to not put upSarah decided she had enough of the pool and was off to mow the yard

Sarah's Masterpiece

Not long after we got home from our trip to Kansas Sarah and Drew found the special markers and paper that I had packed for a special treat for them in the car. Thankfully they were so good that I never had to pull them out. So when they found then I let them have some fun one afternoon while I was making dinner.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ryan - 7 weeks

Here are a few pictures of Ryan from the end of May

Painting Playdate with the Mom's Group

One of the moms in our local mom's group was brave enough to have a bunch of 3,4 and 5 year olds over to paint birdhouses for Father's day presents. The kids had a great time and amazingly they didn't make too big of a mess.

Drew painting his birdhouse



A visit from the Davis Family - Memorial Day weekend

Just a few days after I got home from Kansas the Davis' came down for Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time having everyone down and things were so crazy that I only took a few pictures. On Monday we decided to head out to the Nature Trail to take a few pictures and enjoy the nice day since we had rain all weekend.